You're Not Consistent, You Fail

You have it, success is guaranteed. You don't have it, you fail no matter how good you are at what you do.

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·Aug 30, 2021·

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You're Not Consistent, You Fail

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Once you adopt an accounting principle or method, continue to follow it consistently in future accounting periods so that the results reported from period to period are comparable.

What's it with accounting principle today? I'm not an accountant. Oh you already thought I was? No, my previous article stated what I do. But right now, read the next line....

That is the consistency principle

Taking time to think deep about this made me see how practical and beneficial this could be if applied 'consistently'. I asked myself; What can I accomplish tomorrow,? What can I accomplish Next Week? What can I accomplish next month? What can I accomplish in 3 months? How about in 6 months? Next year? Maybe there is no way to ascertain for sure, but how can I even measure success in anything I do if I don't do it for a period of time in a consistent manner? I'm sure you would agree with me that if what I do isn't done consistently, I cannot measure how effective I do it.

But wait, what exactly does it mean to be consistent?

You stay 100% dedicated and engaged to a task, goal or activity without distractions.

That's Consistency. Simple right? No, not that simple.

Consistency requires that you stay committed over a period of time until the moment your objectives are achieved. Consistency, takes time. Therefore, to be consistent, you have to replicate positive behavior or performance day after day, until it defines you. No excuses, No complaints. You are accountable for you, whether you fail or succeed.

Okay, here's another simple line; Consistency is basically repetition.

What makes consistency powerful?

Many keys contribute to your success. But there is this key that stands out among them all and is much more important than anything else. This key determines whether you win or loose. You have it, success is guaranteed. You don't have it, you fail no matter how good you are at what you do. How do you even become so good at what you do without this key?

Consistency is the Key

Okaaay, Several factors contribute or explain the power of consistency. I would be happy to share it in my next article, plus what makes staying consistent a real struggle and how to stay consistent.

I love brief and on the go consumable contents. I guess you love it too, so this would be a 4 part article. And plus I want to write consistently . So stay tuned for the next 3!!

Tell me how you feel about this piece I have penned down and If you find this valuable, kindly share so others can benefit too. Gracias.

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