Am I a Developer? NO!! But It's My First Hashnode Article!!! Yay!!

Am I a Developer? NO!!  But It's My First Hashnode Article!!! Yay!!
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Am I a developer? NO!!

I am that guy who is involved in the process of identifying and understanding the heartfelt needs of customers and their change in behavior overtime, then take strategic actions to prioritize the use of the company's resources to deliver a positive business outcome across the product lifecycle, thereby creating customer experiences that customers LOVE.

Okay so you might say what am I even writing about on hashnode a blog for developers? I thought of that as well while thinking of how to start this. I have been thinking of how to communicate me to the world.

Who am I? What is my vision? What do I stand for? Why am I here? I ask myself these a lot of times. Anyway, I’m not ashamed to say I’m still figuring it out. It’s definitely okay if you’re still figuring it out too. Maybe you are not, if so I would be glad to know how you got here and are still here.

If you are reading this right now, know this; I know so little about a few things, so a warning beforehand; "watch out for stray grammatical bullets 👺.!!" I get hit by my own bullets too sometimes. How on earth that even happens scares me too.

As I moved from point A to B on this journey in and out of tech and generally in life, I have learnt a few valuable things I intend to share with you all in the community. A few friends tell me they love the fact that I’m good with words, I look at myself and ask them really? So allow me paint my portrait. I am sure it's going to be a beautiful one filled with my passions, interest, traits, values and few past achievements.